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Staff Bank - Would you like to pick up an assignment?



Working for the Staff Bank is not employed contracted work, but you do need to be registered to work for our service.  There is no guarantee of work on the Staff Bank it will depend on your availability and the Staff Bank work flow.


Nursing Staff

Uniforms – the RD&E will supply with you with two uniforms to start for which there is a £20 deposit, but this will be taken from your first months’ pay.

You will be able to undertake up to 3 supernumerary shifts and then work the equivalent number of regular shifts within the first 3 months in order to be registered with the Staff Bank and you will be paid when this process is complete.


Once you start on the Staff Bank you will receive paid training enabling you to put your availability onto the system up to 6 months in advance.  We then endeavour to find shifts suited to your skills and experience.

We also pay for mandatory training updates which can include Fire, Basic Life Support, Drug Updates, Manual Handling, Child Protection, Infection Control and Blood Handling as well as OCS IT Systems.


Admin and Clerical

For Clerical Assistants you will need to have a minimum of GCSE Grades A – C in English and Maths and relevant experience in an office environment.

For Secretarial work you will also need to have typing and audio typing qualifications, and relevant experience in an secretarial environment.

We will provide paid training for relevant IT in house systems prior to starting work.



The Staff Bank is governed by the EU Working Time Directive.  This primarily impacts on the number of hours individuals can work a week (maximum 48 averaged over a 17 week period).  You must complete 6 shifts in a 6 month period otherwise your registration will be withdrawn from the Staff Bank.

Annual Leave

Those who are Bank Only workers are entitled to 28 days pro rata annual leave per year. Currently there is no provision for paid maternity leave or occupational sick pay. Bank workers are however entitled to SMP dependant on the amount of National Insurance contributions made.


Maternity Leave

Staff who have a break from the Bank for maternity leave may be permitted to return to the bank on condition they update their mandatory training (manual handling, Health and Safety, Fire, Basic Life Support)  Expectant mothers must notify the Staff Bank Office as soon as they are aware of their pregnancy to allow for health and safety assessments.


Updated: 15 December 2017

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