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Success Regime

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Devon Success Regime – the Case for Change

The Success Regime is a whole system intervention to sustainably improve health and care services to patients in response to the financial challenges that the local health and care system faces.


It has published a ‘Case for Change’ document and summary which sets out the reasons behind the intervention.

The members of the Success Regime in the NEW Devon area are:

The programme will see local health and care organisations working more closely together as a ‘system’, and united in a common purpose, approach and set of ambitions. This approach will enhance our chances of success as, like many areas across the country, such challenges cannot be addressed by individual organisations alone.

While the programme is overseen jointly by NHS England, Monitor and the NHS Trust Development Authority, local leadership is key and the Programme Board members include the CCG, the acute hospital trusts, community providers and providers of mental health services, the local authorities (Devon County Council and Plymouth City Council) and Healthwatch, which helps to provide the patient perspective.
There are three phases to the programme:

Phase One
This first phase is the Diagnostic Phase, which ran from October to December 2015, to establish the underlying issues. While all organisations understand the size of the financial challenge, there hasn't been a shared view on what is causing the system to over-spend. We need to understand this so that we can target the precise problems that we are trying to solve.

A considerable amount of work has already been carried out by local organisations to improve the financial position and the Success Regime will bring this together and build on these initiatives.

With phase one now completed we have more clarity on the clinical and financial reasons for the over spend and have produced a list of future opportunities and options for change that can be considered in phase two.

Phase Two
Between January and June 2016 the second phase will develop solutions to improve short-term performance, as well as developing longer term strategic solutions. This phase will also include work to address any immediate performance or quality issues.

This phase focuses on the evaluation of the options for change developed in phase one and we are committed to involving those living in the area, health and care staff, partners and others in the process of selecting, consulting on and the development of solutions.

Phase Three
The final phase will be about implementing those longer-term strategic solutions and turning plans into action.
If you would like a copy of these documents in braille, or other languages and formats, including in a larger font size, please contact 01392 267680. 

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