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Award-winning state-of-the-art NHS clinical laboratory launches quality ‘do-it-yourself’ home blood testing service


A new regulated NHS-backed home blood testing service designed to help people take more control over their own health and deliver safe and precise test results across a range of key health markers has been launched.


Monitor My Health is a fully regulated, not-for-profit venture that offers more choice to people keen to track their own health and provides a high-quality alternative to existing unregulated and profit-making home blood testing services available online.


Competitively priced with tests from £24 and no subscription necessary, the national service, available to UK-based residents at, enables people to take a small pin-prick sample of blood from their finger at home using a simple kit and return their sample to the laboratory by pre-paid post. People can choose from individual tests for cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid activity, vitamin D and combination tests, heart health and full screen.


Customers can then view their confidential and anonymised results within a few days on an easy-to-read online dashboard prepared using expert clinical knowledge, along with health advice and any appropriate instructions.


The tests are carried out under strict NHS regulations at the award-winning Exeter Clinical Laboratory, based at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust (RD&E). Any surplus funds generated after covering operating costs will be ploughed directly back into improving core NHS services at the RD&E for the benefit of all.


Project leader Professor Timothy McDonald, Consultant Clinical Scientist at the RD&E, said: “Empowering patients to proactively look after their own health is a crucial part of modern wellbeing and there’s been a growth in public demand for online blood tests in recent years. Choice and the idea that prevention is better than cure are becoming more and more important to people leading busy lives, especially those taking an active interest in their own health and wellbeing.


“We’ve launched Monitor My Health because as a regulated NHS laboratory with award-winning scientists and equipment, we felt we had a duty to use all our resources and any spare capacity we have to introduce a safe, reliable and high quality service into what is currently an unregulated industry dominated by commercial interests.


“At its heart, Monitor My Health is about offering people a safe and trusted way to proactively monitor their health and spot the early warning signs of diseases like diabetes before symptoms present themselves. At the same time, it’s making the most of our world class people and facilities and putting money back into the NHS for the benefit of everyone and that can only be a good thing.


Added 27 May 2019

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