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Woodbury Park golfers raise cash for Clyst Ward

Woodbury Park Golf Club Captains Daryn Hunt and Mickie Ward have raised £10,500 to help with the rehabilitation of stroke patients on Clyst Ward at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.    

As 2016 Captains, the pair chose the acute stroke ward as their Captains’ Charity for the year, after Mickie’s husband Robert, also known as Sharky, spent time being cared for there in 2011 and 2012.

Mickie said: “I have seen first-hand the amazing work the team on Clyst do. I owe my husband’s life and all of his achievements since then to them. They taught him how to start to live again and I thought, if I ever had a chance to raise some money for charity, it would have to be for Clyst.”

Throughout their tenure as Captains, Mickie and Daryn organised a whole host of events to raise funds including a Captains’ Charity Day in August, with a BBQ, sponsored competitions, raffles and outdoor entertainment. The Ladies Committee also organised a highly successful charity fashion show with John Lewis, organised a Bridge afternoon and held various raffles, stall and cakes sales throughout the year.    

Daryn added: “So many people at the club have been touched by some form of stroke. The fantastic support from them over the year and many local companies has helped us raise a great deal of money. We set an original fundraising target of £7,500 for the year but things went so well we managed to raise even more. It was far and beyond what we were expecting.”

Donna Parsons, Matron on Clyst Ward, said: “As a team we are truly overwhelmed by the huge donation we have received from Woodbury Park. Sadly stroke is one of the biggest causes of disability in the UK and half of all stroke survivors will live with some form of disability. However, with this money we will be able to access the latest equipment such as specialist seating, and mobility equipment.  Part of the club’s donation will also be used to purchase six iPads for patients on Clyst Ward. The tablets include specially designed apps to help with rehabilitation, including apps which enable patients to practice speech and language therapy exercises in their own time to help them recover quicker and to support our patients in regaining some independence following their stroke.

“We have been really touched by all the hard work and fundraising at Woodbury and would like to say a very big thank you to all who have contributed to this.”


  • If any local businesses have old iPads or tablets that are in working order but are no longer being used then they would gladly be received by the Speech and Language Team at the RD&E who will be able to use them for therapy. If you can help please contact Sam Cooper on 079015155624.      


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