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Northern Devon and RD&E develop plans for inpatient beds at Tiverton over winter


The Northern Devon Healthcare Trust (NDHT) and Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation NHS Trust (RD&E) are today announcing a three-month plan to ensure there is sufficient resilience across hospital and community services in East Devon over the coming winter.

On a temporary basis, two inpatient wards in Tiverton Community and District Hospital, previously run by NDHT and totalling 40 beds, will be managed by the RD&E.
The RD&E will use 23 beds on Twyford Ward at Tiverton Hospital for rehabilitation, which normally would be done at its main Wonford site, providing intensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy to patients to aid swifter recovery to independence.

The ward will focus on the smooth transition of patients to home or onward care and provide greater capacity across its sites.

These beds in Tiverton are currently unoccupied but the RD&E proposes to use them from 4 January to 31 March 2016.

The remaining 17 beds in Blackdown Ward at Tiverton Hospital will remain under the care of local GPs. Angela Pedder, Chief Executive, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust said: “We have worked really closely with the team at Northern Devon Healthcare Trust to ensure we have the right services in place over winter.
“This is a great example of collaborative working to ensure we can deliver the same safe, high quality care for our patients but in a community hospital setting. 
“This is not a permanent arrangement but will provide safe and timely care for all our patients during the busy winter period.”

Alison Diamond, Chief Executive of Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust said: “This is an excellent example of partnership working and a great outcome for patients. We were pleased to be able to offer the Tiverton inpatient beds to the RD&E and have had a very positive response from staff to these changes.

“The RD&E and NDHT have held joint meetings with staff this week to discuss how these proposals may impact them and staff have voted in favour of the proposal. Staff at all levels of the organisation are now working very closely with the RD&E to put these plans in place for before January.”

It is hoped all existing Tiverton ward nursing and therapy staff will remain working at Tiverton Hospital if they so choose, with staff from RD&E as required.



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