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Joint action between hospital and council to improve car parking


The Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is working with councillors and officers from Devon County Council  to introduce a range of measures that will  help relieve car parking pressures on and around the hospital.

The measures were outlined at a meeting between the council and hospital on 12 August.
These include:

The travel plan, will encourage staff – and patients and visitors where possible – to consider greater use of alternative ways of getting to the hospital.  This could include more people cycling or walking to work, car sharing and making greater use of public transport and the popular Park and Ride scheme.

An RD&E spokesperson said “we had a very productive meeting with DCC on 12 August and we are delighted to be working jointly on a travel plan for the hospital. The expertise of officers is invaluable in assisting us to implement and promote a number of initiatives”.


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