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Cake bake-off at RD&E raises money for Jeans for Genes


A nurse organised a week-long bake-off to raise awareness of a little known genetics disorder / condition and raise money for Jeans for Genes.

Carol Day’s son, Tobey, was born with Smith Lemli Opitz syndrome 15 months ago. He is a happy, laid-back baby but has numerous appointments to help his physical and mental development.

The bake-off has raised £279, thanks to all the staff – doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals – who made and bought the cakes.

Carol, who works at Surgical and ENT Outpatients, said that, thanks to the wonders of Facebook and other modern inventions, she has found a good support network. However, because the condition only affects between 1 in 20,000 to 60,000 babies a year, most of her new friends are dotted right across the country.

She said: “We are lucky that Tobey was diagnosed at a young age – he was only six weeks old. Usually, diagnosis happens quite later with milder cases, of which Tobey is one.

“What it means is that physically Tobey has some classic symptoms – droopy eyelids, conjoined toes – and he there is also a developmental delay. He will be slower to start walking than other children. We also expect that he will have autistic traits when he is a bit older. He is such a happy child, though. He melts the hearts of everyone he meets.

“I am raising money for Jeans for Genes because there is no specific charity for Tobey’s condition. This is something that I would love to set up but, with all Tobey’s appointments at the moment, it is not something that I have time to do!”


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