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News - NHS Sustainability Day

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NHS Sustainability Day


Sustainability Day


We have trialled a zero-emissions van with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint of our hospital courier and car park patrol service.


In the week leading up to NHS Sustainability Day - on 28th March - our transport service manager Dave Searle test drove an electric powered van for regular courier and patrol activity between the Wonford and Heavitree hospital sites in Exeter.


Dave said: “There is potential for a zero emission vehicle for this regular courier and patrol work instead of the 1.6 diesel vehicle we currently use. We have used an electric-powered van kindly loaned to us by Bristol Street Renault garage to see how it would best serve the operational needs of the RD&E. If we invested in this technology it would certainly be a cleaner, greener way of doing our business. Re-charging the power is simple enough, it just takes getting used to driving without hearing any engine noise.”




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