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RD&E Stroke Early Discharge Support Scheme success

A new initiative piloted by the Royal Devon & Exeter specialist stroke service is reaping patient benefits and making more efficient use of NHS resources.

Specialist stroke consultant at the Royal Devon & Exeter hospital, Dr Martin James said: “We have been working closely with NHS Devon on a pilot scheme to help patients recover from stroke in their own homes instead of needing to stay in hospital for treatment. The scheme provides specialist nursing care and rehabilitation at the same level they would receive if they were still in hospital, but it means that our patients can leave hospital much sooner and receive their therapy in their own familiar surroundings. This helps to speed up their recovery and improves motivation for the patient and their family. It has been working well for the first 40 people who have been through the scheme in its first three months, with patients and their families reporting the benefits of treatment in their own homes. We hope to be able to extend the scheme to a larger area so that more people with stroke can benefit, so we can prove that when it comes to recovering from the effects of a stroke, there really is no place like home.”

See video below to hear Dr Martin James explain the scheme and its benefits

Mrs Sheila McAndrew was one of the first RD&E stroke patients to benefit from this initiative. Mrs McAndrew, aged 81 of Exmouth, said: “Home is home always and I feel that being in my own bed and surrounded by my own things helped my recovery because it was more relaxed than being on a busy hospital ward. When the staff looking after me said I was ready to go home and would receive the same support and attention that I would have had if I was in hospital I had absolute confidence in their judgement. You still feel well looked after when you leave hospital.” 



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