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Clinical lead prosthetist Dave HouseExeter Mobility Centre designs prosthetic arm for smartphone

Specialists at the RD&E’s Exeter Mobility Centre have designed and made a prosthetic arm which for the first time has a smartphone set into the limb.

Trevor Prideaux, who was born without his left arm, now has a forearm prosthesis with his mobile phone set into it.

Opcare Clinical lead prosthetist Dave House said: “Trevor asked us at Exeter Mobility Centre in the summer what was possible. It was the first time we had been asked to incorporate a mobile phone into a prosthesis before, although we have made a number of bespoke devices so that our patients could carry out specific activities such as guitar playing and sports.


“We started by taking an impression of the mobile phone so that we had an exact shape to work with. When we developed the design we had to take into account a number of factors including the phone was secure but easy to remove with one hand; the function of the forearm prosthesis was not compromised and ensuring that we could manufacture it again if the phone was replaced and was a different design or size. The trial fitting of the prosthesis was completely successful so we were able to go ahead with the manufacture.”


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