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Major investment at Exeter Oncology Centre


Oncology Centre New BuildBuilding work starts this month to extend the Oncology Centre on the RD&E Wonford hospital site.


The Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust has invested £6 million in the phased development for cancer services which included a third Radiotherapy Treatment machine which has been operational since April 2010. The final phase of the project involves building works starting this month for the installation of a new dedicated radiotherapy wide bore CT Simulator (Toshiba Aquilion LB) for radiotherapy treatment planning. This is so more patients will have access to the latest technology, which captures three-dimensional images of the cancer so that the specialist Radiotherapy staff can accurately plan and tailor treatment to the specific clinical and individual needs of their patients. The equipment makes it possible to accurately scan patients in various positions required for radiotherapy treatment without compromising comfort and the quality of the image.


The project is also an opportunity to improve the waiting and reception areas within the Oncology centre and the entrance to the main hospital at the end of template A.


RD&E Oncology Centre Manager, Geraldine Jenner, said: “Almost 1,800 patients received their radiotherapy treatment at our Oncology Centre last year and it is important that we meet this demand for treatment, develop new technology and continue to offer our patients more choice, shorter waiting times, better specialist services and improved care. The new CT simulator is expected to be operational at the end of 2011.  In the meantime our staff will work hard to ensure that the quality of our services is maintained during these building works.”


Pictured above is the Oncology Centre Manager Geraldine Jenner, Consultant Clinical Oncologist Liz Toy and Head of Radiotherapy Physics Steve Blake

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