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Latest hi-tech theatre suite to benefit patients & NHS teaching and efficiency


Touch screen technology being operated in the brand new theatre suiteThe Royal Devon & Exeter has invested £300,000 in a new hi-tech operating theatre suite for keyhole surgery.


More RD&E patients will benefit from the less invasive surgery (laparoscopic) which involves less scarring and a quicker recovery than conventional surgical techniques. For the NHS it is more efficient – more procedures can be carried out and the length of stay in hospital for patients is reduced.  



Theatre 3 is kitted out with the latest technology including sterile touch screens, HD digital 360 degree cameras and new surgical equipment which is controlled by the team at the surgical table. The theatre is also a superb teaching facility equipped with broadcasting/recording equipment, microphones and a video link to a conference room.


RD&E Consultant Urologist and Clinical Director Mr Malcolm Crundwell said: “Keyhole surgery is the way forward in providing patients with the operations they need, with less pain after their surgery and faster recovery. This means our patients return home sooner and can resume their normal activities much quicker than conventional open surgery. This type of surgery is technically challenging and requires the best quality equipment for the best results. We are delighted that we can now offer the most up to date facilities available to our patients here at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.


“This theatre suite offers our patients the best facilities for their surgery and provides our surgeons with high definition video so we can see the anatomy in the best possible detail - making our surgery more accurate and safer. We have more video screens so everyone in the theatre can see the operation in progress which is helpful for the nurses and anaesthetists as well as for teaching and training junior surgeons, students and visiting professionals.”


Laparoscopy is a surgical procedure (also known as minimally invasive or keyhole surgery) which uses a special surgical instrument called a laparoscope to look inside the body, or to perform certain operations through very small incisions. Keyhole surgery can be used for example to remove the appendix and gall bladder and for taking biopsy samples. 

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