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Accessing Information

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Freedom of Information (FOI)


Coronavirus (COVID-19) information request update
Given the current situation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are taking steps to protect our patients, staff and any visitors. This means we have very limited resources to respond to requests for information and ask that you consider the following before making a request:

We appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone and ask that you consider if your request for information is essential at this time or can be delayed to allow us to support the ongoing work of the Trust in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.


How to request information
The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides members of public with the right to request recorded information from public bodies. The Act stipulates that you must put your request in writing and provide us with your name and a correspondence address. Please be as clear and as specific as possible about the information you want.


You may submit your request, via email, to:


or by post to:


Information Governance Office
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
Barrack Road


We only use your personal information for the purposes of processing your request and your information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the Information Governance Team and the Chief Executive’s Office.


If the information you have requested constitutes “environmental information”, we will handle your request under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004. Under both pieces of legislation, we are required to provide you with a response as soon as possible, but no later than 20 working days after we receive your request.

Can I access information without having to make a request?


We already actively publish a lot of information, therefore we recommend that you refer to the following sources on our website before making your request, as the information you are seeking may already be available:

  • Expenditure Data – this is where we publish details of invoices, grant payments, expenses and other such payments (excluding payroll expenditure), for any costs over £25,000.
  • FOI Disclosure Log – copies of previous FOI responses, dating back several years.
  • Publication Scheme – we publish all kinds of information, on a routine basis. On this page, you should be able to see at a glance whether the information you seek is included as part of our publication scheme.


Is there a fee?


The majority of information supplied will be free of charge, however, a fee may apply in some circumstances, such as where we seek to cover postage and photocopying expenses. If we intend to charge for your request, we will let you know the fee amount, and how to pay, before we begin to deal with your request.


Will I get all the information I ask for?


We are committed to being as open as we can, but occasionally we may not release all of the information that you request. Some information may need to be withheld, for example, where releasing it might breach the Data Protection Act, prejudice law enforcement or damage commercial interests.


We are also not obliged to deal with requests that are repeated, intended to cause harassment, or would take an excessive amount of staff time to complete.


Where we decide to withhold information, we will explain why to you in a refusal notice.


What if I am dissatisfied with the Trust’s response?


If you are not happy with the information that we have supplied, or if you feel that your enquiry has not been deal with appropriately, you can request an internal review from the Trust. To do so, please contact the Information Governance Team in writing.


The internal review will be carried out by the Trust’s Information Governance Manager. You can expect to receive the outcome of the internal review within 20 working days.


If the internal review does not resolve the situation to your satisfaction, you have the right to take your complaint to the Freedom of Information regulator, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), who will investigate your case.


Can I request information about myself under the Freedom of Information Act?


No. If you require information about yourself, you will need to make a request in accordance with your rights under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act (known as a “Subject Access Request”). To find out more about how to make a subject access request, please visit our Access Your Personal Data / Health Records page.









Call 111 when its less than urgent