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Accessing Information

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information request update
Given the current situation during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak we are taking steps to protect our patients, staff and any visitors. This means we have very limited resources to respond to requests for information and ask that you consider the following before making a request:

We appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone and ask that you consider if your request for information is essential at this time or can be delayed to allow us to support the ongoing work of the Trust in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.


Accessing Information
If you would like to access information held by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, you can find out how to do so on this page. How you go about accessing the information you require will depend on the kind of information it is that you are after.


Access Your Personal Data / Health Records

If you would like to obtain a copy of some or all of the information we hold about you, which could include your health records, you will need to complete and submit the appropriate application form. Please note that we require proof of identification and payment of a fee, before we are able to process your request.


More detailed information about accessing health records, including your legal rights, and all of our application forms can be found on our Access Your Personal Data / Health Records page.


Freedom of Information (FOI)

You may also request other recorded information that is held by the Trust, under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. To do so, your request must be put in writing, specify the information you are after and include your name. Before making your request, please refer to our publication scheme and / or expenditure data, where you will find the information that we routinely publish. We also make all of our past FOI responses available on our disclosure log, so the information you are after may already be available in one of these locations. We also publish details of all approved Data Protection Impact Assessments.


More information about your rights under the Freedom of Information Act, including how to make a request, and how we deal with requests for environmental information, can be found on our Freedom of Information and the Environmental Information Regulations page.



Call 111 when its less than urgent