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The Trust Board Agendas and Minutes

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Friday 23 June 2017 from 10.30 - 13:00

at Seminar Room 1 & 2, RILD, RD&E Hospital


Open agenda

1. Apologies

James Brent, Chairman

2. Declarations Of Interest

Melanie Holley, Head of Governance

3. Secretary's Notes

Melanie Holley, Head of Governance

4. Chairman's Remarks

James Brent, Chairman

5. Minutes of the last meeting held on 17 February 2017

Matters Arising and Actions Summary check

James Brent, Chairman

6. Accountability & Engagement

6.1 Chief Executive’s Public Report

Suzanne Tracey, Chief Executive

6.2 Open Question & Answer

Suzanne Tracey, Chief Executive

7. Performance & Assurance

7.1 Performance Report

Em Wilkinson-Brice, Deputy Chief Executive/Chief Nurse

8. CoG Business

8.1 Board of Directors response to the CoG Equality and Diversity Recommendations

Melanie Holley, Head of Governance

8.2 Report on the Elections to the Council of Governors 2017

Melanie Holley, Head of Governance

8.3 CoG Coordinating Committee and Working Groups progress reports

Rachel McInnes, Deputy Lead Governor Keith Broderick, CoG Effectiveness. Tony Ducker, Patient Safety & Quality James Bradley, Member & Public Engagement

8.4. Nominations Committee update

James Brent, Chairman

8.5 Standard Operating Procedure for the Process for Alleged Breach of the Governors Code of Conduct

Melanie Holley, Head of Governance

8.6 Governors’ Behaviour Charter

Jeff Chinnock, Head of Stakeholder Communications & Engagement

8.7 Standard Operating Procedure for the Removal of a Chairman or Non-Executive Director

Melanie Holley, Head of Governance

8.8 Update from the NHS Providers Governor Advisory Committee

Peta Foxall, member of NHS Providers Governor Policy Board

9.0 Stakeholder Engagement

9.1 Patient Experience Committee update

Peter Dillon, Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Patient Experience Committee

9.2. Update from the recent Patient Experience Committee meeting

Molly Holmes, Public Governor and Member of the Patient Experience Committee

9.3 Annual Report, Quality Report and Annual Accounts 2016/17

Melanie Holley, Head of Governance

10. Information


The next meeting of the Council of Governors will be held 21 August 2017 at the RD&E Hospital.


Governors are reminded that any changes to their circumstances concerning their eligibility to vote as a member of a constituency, which have occurred since their last declaration,must be passed to the Secretary immediately. Governors may not vote at Council meetings if they no longer meet the requirements of the Constitution.


Call 111 when its less than urgent