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Foundation Trust Council of Governors Meeting 13 April 2011

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Wednesday 13 April 2011 from 1400 -1630
in the FlyBe Suite, Exeter City Football Club, Stadium Way Exeter EX4 6PX

1 Apologies and Attendance / Quorum Check

Angela Ballatti, Chairman


2 Declarations of Interest

Jeff Chinnock, Divisional Manager Corporate Affairs & Communications


3 Secretary's Notes

Jeff Chinnock, Divisional Manager Corporate Affairs & Communications


4 Chairman's Remarks

Angela Ballatti, Chairman


5 Last Minutes & Matters Arising

Angela Ballatti, Chairman


6 Accountability & Engagement

6.1 Chief Executive's Public Report

Angela Pedder, Chief Executive

6.2 Open Question & Answer

Angela Pedder, Chief Executive


7 Performance & Assurance

7.1 Integrated Performance Report

Lynn Lane, Director of Human Resources

7.2 Board performance and update

Angela Ballatti, Chairman

7.3 Compliance with the Code of Governance

Jeff Chinnock, Divisional Manager Corporate Affairs & Communications


8 CoG Business

8.1 Foundation Trust Governors Association update

Dianah Pritchett-Farrell, Public Governor and FTGA Executive Committee member

8.2 Governance Review update (verbal)

Em Wilkinson-Brice, Director of Nursing & Patient Care

8.3 Quality Report

Jane Viner, Deputy Director of Nursing

8.4 COG Business Plan update (verbal)

Richard May, Deputy Chair of Governors

8.5 Governor Elections 2011

Bernadette Coates, Membership Services Manager


9 Stakeholder Engagement

9.1 Membership Update

Cynthia Thornton, Public Governor and Chairman of Membership Development Group

9.2 Stakeholder Engagement Strategy (verbal)

Jeff Chinnock, Divisional Manager Corporate Affairs & Communications


10 Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 13 July 2011 from 14.00-16.30

Exeter City Football Club

11 Exclusion of the Press and Public

To exclude the members, press and public for the remainder of the meeting by virtue of the nature of the business to be discussed.

Governors are reminded that any changes to their circumstances concerning their eligibility to vote as a member of a constituency, which have occurred since their last declaration, must be passed to the Secretary immediately.  Governors may not vote at Council meetings if they no longer meet the requirements of the Constitution.

Call 111 when its less than urgent