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Foundation Trust Council of Governors Meeting 10 October 2006

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Tuesday 10 October 2006 at 1400- 1600 in the FlyBe Suite, St James Centre, Exeter City AFC, Stadium Way, Exeter

1 Apologies and Attendence / Quorum Check


2 Last Minutes and Matters Arising


3 Notification of Interest


4 Secretary's Notes


5 Chairman's Remarks


6 Quarterly Performance update
From the Directors of Finance and Operations


7 Strategic Planning Process
To consider a paper from the Chief Executive


8 Annual Clinical Services Overview
To note a presentation from the Joint Medical Director


9 Annual Facilities Overview
To note a presentation by the Director of Facilities


10 Revised Schedule of CoG Routine Agenda items
For approval from the Secretary


11 Attendance Committee Terms of Reference
For approval from the Chairman of the Attendance Committee


12 Date of Next Meeting
Tuesday 9 January 2007 from 1400-1600 in the FlyBe Suite, St James Centre, Exeter City FC, Stadium Way, Exeter


13 Exclusion of the Press and Public
To exclude the press and public from the remainder of the meeting in order to approve the minutes of the Part 2 (Confidential) meeting held 11 July 2006.

Governors are reminded that any changes to their circumstances concerning their eligibility to vote as a member of a constituency, which have occurred since their last declaration, must be passed to the Secretary immediately. Governors may not vote at Council meetings if they no longer meet the requirements of the Constituation.


Call 111 when its less than urgent