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About the Trust - Diversity

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Our commitment to you - Sexual Orientation


We want all of our staff to feel safe and confident about being themselves at work, regardless of sexual orientation.


We are committed to making RD&E a workplace where our lesbian, gay or bisexual staff can be open, without the fear of discrimination or harassment.


Gay Allies


We have a number of staff, some gay and some not, who are committed to ensuring that RD&E is as “gay friendly” as it can be.


They are pledged to promote an inclusive workplace and can be a first point of contact for any staff requiring support. Would you like to be in touch with an ally? If so, please contact our Equality & Diversity team.




The Intercom Trust is a local charity which campaigns on gay issues, providing all kinds of support as well as a safe place to make friends and socialise with like minded people. They also offer a free and confidential helpline – 0800 612 3010.


The County Council also hosts an lgbt network – you do not have work for the County to join. Meetings are nearby the RD&E and they have a thriving e-mail community you can join.


Nationally, Stonewall is a great place for advice and information.


Some Trusts have networks, where their lesbian, gay or bisexual staff can meet regularly, to support each other and let the Trust know their veiws on key issues.


We do not have one at present - but would you be interested in starting one? It might be a network where people meet face to face, or an email or internet based one. If you are interested, pplease contact our Equality and Diversity Team.


Zero Tolerance

Fairness, dignity, equality and respect are all basic human rights, so we cannot afford anything less than zero tolerance if ever they are breached.


We expect all staff to challenge any breach of these rights, whether staff-side or service-side. This could be informally, or formally through procedures such as grievance, disciplinary, whistle blowing, or incident reporting.

Anything else?

If you want more information on the support available or if you would like to discuss how the RD&E could provide more support to LGB staff please get in touch.


We are always interested in what you think - please let us know by contacting the Equality and Diversity Team.


Updated: 25 January 2018






Call 111 when its less than urgent