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Our commitment to you – Migrant workers


Coming here as a migrant

If you are a migrant worker it is not always easy to settle in a new country – working out how to get a bank account, school or doctor or to find a place of worship, for instance, is sometimes difficult.


Useful Links

The Devon Strategic Partnership has made a Welcome Pack, which you may find useful.


Working here as a migrant

If you are relatively new to the UK, sometimes the way we do things may seem very different, or even strange, compared to what you are used to.
Once you start work here, if you ever have any queries about what is expected of you, we encourage you to ask ….


Language matters

If English is not your first language and you come to work for us the Trust will work with you so you feel comfortable using English around staff and patients.


Zero tolerance

Fairness, dignity, equality and respect are all basic human rights so we cannot afford anything less than zero tolerance if ever they are breached.

We expect all staff to challenge any breach of these rights, whether staff-side or service-side. This could be informally or formally through procedures such as grievance, disciplinary, whistle blowing or incident reporting.


Anything else?

If you want more information on the support available or if you would like to discuss how the RD&E could provide more support to their staff please get in touch.

You can contact our Equality & Diversity team






Call 111 when its less than urgent