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Diversity - Meeting our legal duty

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Our duty, under the Equality Act 2010, is to inform you how we aim to eliminate discrimination, and promote equal opportunity and good relationships. To achieve this we have embedded each requirement of our Public Sector Equality Duty in to our equality agenda.


Our equality priorities for 2016-2020 are to:

More information on our equality objectives


Gender paygap reporting
By law we are now required to publish a report on our gender paygap. If you would like to share any thoughts about this report, or ask us any questions, please contact the equality team at


Delivering our equality agenda

We take our equality agenda forward in the following four key steps:

  1. Understanding issues – we look closely at equality information about our Trust and the local community we service to assess our impact and contribution to equality. This involves consulting widely to inform our interpretation of our findings.
  1. Taking action – we plan our action in response to our research. If you would like a copy of our latest equality action plan, please contact Our action also extends to assessing the equality impact of specific initiatives and actions.
  1. Reporting on progress – our equality agenda is monitored and progress and issues are raised at a sub-committee to the Board.
  1. Measuring how well we are doing - The NHS has the Equality Delivery System, which allows us to measure our performance against national standards. See Our latest assessment.

We are also working hard to meet the requirements made on all NHS organisations of the accessibility information standard.


In addition to our legal obligations, we are contractually obliged, along with all NHS organisations, to use the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES), aimed at ensuring equality in the NHS for staff, regardless of race. You can download our latest assessment.


If you would like further information about our progress with any of these initiatives, or to give us feedback, please contact the Equality Team at


As with all of the information on this website, we will meet all reasonable requests for it to be provided in other languages or formats.


Updated: 22 August 2018


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