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About the Trust - Diversity - Equality Delivery System assessment

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The Equality Delivery System was launched by Sir David Nicholson, the NHS National Chief Executive, in November 2011.


It is designed to measure how well NHS organisations are applying the requirements of the Public Sector Duty on equality.


It provides a transparent and standard measure of progress, so you can see how well we are doing and benchmark our performance with other organisations.


The Equality Delivery System is made up of 18 outcomes, against which we can be "excelling", "achieving", "developing", or "underdeveloped".


This is not a self-assessment, rather the gradings are agreed by the Trust with local interests, such as staff and patient representatives.


As at April 2016, our assessment was as follows:










We have not provided evidence for the outcome on screening and vaccination programs reaching the local community, as this is not part of our core business.


You can see a summary of our evidence here:

EDS Assessment


If you would like to contribute your views to our Equality Delivery System assessment, please contact


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