In situ simulation: practicing where we work


We regularly Sim on the wards to make teams aware of the benefits of simulation and to practice patient care in a safe (but realistic) environment. The 'where we work' form of simulation helps to test systems, improve team-working and improve patient safety.

We regularly run simulations in the hospital:

  • Weekly in ED
  • Four times a month on Paediatric and neonates
  • Two times a month with orthopaedics
  • Quarterly in the hydrotherapy pool for Aquafer
  • Quarterly with the research teams
  • On the wards whenever we can
  • ITU (Intensive Therapy Unit)

More on what we do

To run a simulation session for your team, you will need to formulate an idea and appropriate learning points for the simulation. We can help you develop these. They may be influenced by an event or a perceived area of lack of knowledge within your team. You will also need to decide where the simulation is going to take place, eg in situ (where you work) vs the sim centre.

Each simulation session starts with a 'brief' (orientating everyone to the manikin/situation - 10 minutes), before running the simulation itself (15-20 minutes). This is followed by a debrief (30 minutes), where we discuss what happened and what can be learnt (including medical, non-technical and process issues).

We have close links to key educational teams including: medical education; resuscitation; learning and development; moving and handling; and patient safety.

Our team

The members of our Core team are from varying backgrounds and are all committed to improving staff education and patient safety.

We are:

  • Dr David Bartle, Paediatric Consultant and Trust Simulation Lead
  • Ross Thompson, Human Factors and Simulation Fellow
  • Dr Elizabeth Thompson, Anaesthetic Registrar and Simulation Fellow
  • Russ Chilton, Human Factors and Simulation Practitioner

We have many others who join us for courses and sessions. We are always keen for people to observe and learn how to educate in this way. Please contact us if you are interested.

Where to find us

RILD Building, Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW

Ground floor, round the corner from Reception

Contact us

If you are interested in setting up a simulation, or want to see if we can help you improve education and patient safety, please contact us on 01392 408109 or

You can also keep up to date with us on Twitter: @RDE_SIM


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