Chronic kidney disease (CKD) nurse service


Our team supports the unit's nephrologists (kidney doctors) to see patients closer to home, where appropriate. Patients are referred into our renal service by their GP.  Our specialist nurses then review the referral and decide whether you need to see a kidney doctor or a nurse specialist.

If you are referred to the nurse specialist, an appointment will be sent to you to be seen in one of our locality clinics, ideally nearest to your home. These clinics run from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am - 4pm.

More on what we do

The purpose of the clinic is to take a full medical and medication history, complete an examination and symptom questionnaire.

We might also need to carry out various clinical procedures, such as taking blood pressure and organising blood tests. We might need to refer you for further investigations. This will be followed up by a detailed letter to your GP.

Any follow-up appointments will be discussed each time you are seen by the nurse. Your appointments will also focus on any changes you could make to your lifestyle and wellbeing.

Consultations are either conducted face to face, via the phone or through a secure internet system called Attend Anywhere (similar to Skype).

Our team

 Senior CKD Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Nurse Specialist

Contact us

Senior CKD Nurse Specialist

Landline: 01392 402533 / Mobile: 07930 903769 / Email:

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Landline: 01392 406062 / Email:

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