Neurological Sleep Disorders Service


The Neurological Sleep Disorders Service (NSDS) provides outpatient care for patients with sleep disorders including insomnia, excessive sleepiness (including narcolepsy), unusual behaviours in sleep (parasomnias) and disorders of the sleep-wake cycle (circadian rhythm disorders). One of very few such clinics in the UK, we provide a holistic service with access to sleep studies (‘polysomnography’) via neurophysiology and evidence based treatments, using both drugs and behavioural approaches. Sleep problems are extremely common and can be primary or secondary to other conditions. Sleep disorders are often neglected despite growing evidence of the fundamental importance of sleep to health and the availability of a range of effective treatments.

We see new patients for 40 minutes, aiming to reach a diagnosis either on the basis of a clinical assessment, or following appropriate tests, including ‘sleep studies’. Following diagnosis, we offer evidence-based treatments, including drug treatments and behavioural approaches. We follow patients up as appropriate through the NSDS.

We provide a point of contact and supply information and advice for patients with neurological sleep disorders.

More on what we do

We run monthly multidisciplinary meeting (MDT) with our colleagues in Neurophysiology who undertake our sleep studies to discuss results and keep abreast of the latest evidence, technology and treatment in the field.

We undertake research. In a recent study we have highlighted the poor provision of education about sleep disorders for medical students and are developing a curriculum to help combat this.


We provide teaching for medical students, other trainees and qualified staff in areas including the physiology of sleep, neurological sleep disorders and achievable sleep strategies for staff in other areas to incorporate into their own treatment protocols for patients.

Our team

The service is run by Prof Adam Zeman, a neurologist with over twenty years experience in sleep neurology.

Where to find us

RD&E Wonford, Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW

We work between the Neurology department at the Royal Devon and Exeter Wonford site (Level 2 area D) and the Mardon Rehabilitation Centre on Wonford Road, Exeter.  Please note all consultations are currently run remotely.

Contact us

To refer into this service GP’s and medical professionals write to: Prof Adam Zeman, Neurology Department. Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter EX2 5DW.

If you want to get in contact, please call the Hospital switchboard on 01392 411611 and ask to be put through to the neurology department.

Community services

TALKWORKS do a sleep workshop designed with Sleep Physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski – A great place to start understanding and dealing with insomnia and related sleep problems.

Find out more at

Children and young people

Currently we do not have services specifically for children and young people, however the resources here are designed for everyone. We hope to provide such services in the future.

Information for healthcare professionals


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