Medical Imaging (Radiology/X-ray)

The Medical Imaging department, also known as Radiology, is where you'll go if you need any kind of scan or X-ray.

Consultant Radiologists (doctors trained in interpreting medical images) use different kinds of technology to view the body to help diagnose, monitor or treat conditions.

Requesting copies of your X-rays

If you would like copies of your images on disc, please download and complete a Data Protection Act form. You can also contact us on 01392 402336 (option 1, option 3) and we will send you a copy of the form. A guide to help with your application is here.

Once the signed form is returned to the department, we will process and make your disc - this can take up to 30 days. There is no charge for this service.

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The Quality Standard for Imaging

The Medical Imaging department is part of the Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI) accreditation programme, designed to ensure patients consistently receive high-quality services, delivered by competent staff working in safe environments.

In April 2021, the team successfully retained accreditation for another year, with a total of seven years all together.

Quality Standard for Imaging (QSI) logo

Referrer Satisfaction Survey

The Medical Imaging department values feedback from those who have professional contact with the service, and this is used to inform strategic planning and improvement projects. To facilitate this, the service conducts an annual referrer satisfaction survey, gathering first-hand feedback from referrers within the acute and primary care sectors.

Please see here for our 2022 satisfaction survey results.

Patient Experience Survey

The Medical Imaging department values feedback from patients who have had contact with the service. The patient experience surveys are completed quarterly and the information gathered is reviewed and action plans formulated following feedback received where improvements may be required.

Please see here for our January 2022 Patient Experience Survey results.


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