Current COVID-19 restrictions


Thank you so much for your support and understand throughout this pandemic with the restrictions and requirements that have had to be put in place due to COVID-19. We are all looking forward to a time when things can get back to normal, but our focus always has to be on keeping everyone safe. Below is a short summary of the current restrictions. We realise that these measures may be upsetting to some, however please be assured that the team at the Royal Devon and Exeter are here to provide support to mums and their babies; especially if they need some extra help. Attending antenatal appointments is considered to be essential travel, and we urge you to continue to attend all appointments. If you or a family member are displaying COVID-19 symptoms, please call us before setting off.

Visiting restrictions

One support person can accompany pregnant women to any scan or hospital antenatal consultant appointment. Please continue to attend community midwifery antenatal and postnatal appointments alone.

If a woman is being induced, they can have a partner with them between the hours of 8am to 8pm - our staff will continue to contact partners and ask them to attend the unit if, due to pain or distress, support is required outside of these times.

If a woman is attending triage in labour, one support person can accompany women when they are being cared for in established labour on the Birth Centre, Labour Ward or if attending for an elective caesarean section, until transfer to a postnatal ward.

Unless in labour, please continue to attend triage appointments alone.

For inpatients on the ante/postnatal ward, one nominated support person can now visit our antenatal/postnatal ward from 9am to 8pm each day. This nominated support person should be the only person who visits throughout the inpatient stay. Please note that we are unable to allow visits from children at this time.

A face covering must be worn at all times, including when entering and moving through an RD&E healthcare setting, unless medically exempt from wearing a mask.

Please help us work together to keep everyone safe.


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