Antenatal care is the term we use to describe the care you receive from our team during your pregnancy.

This care is mainly provided by the midwifery teams working in the community. Antenatal care will also involve coming to the Centre for Women's Health for ultrasound scans.

Women with underlying medical conditions or who develop complications with their pregnancy are usually seen by an obstetrician (a doctor who specialises in women's health) and/or midwife in the outpatients’ clinic.

More on what we do

During your pregnancy, your community midwife will see you regularly to make sure you and your baby are well. A schedule of routine care will be discussed at your booking appointment.

At these routine midwifery appointments, you will be offered various assessments to check you and your baby’s wellbeing. This may include a blood pressure check, urine testing, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and a general health and wellbeing check of you and your baby.

The antenatal screening service is coordinated by the screening coordinator midwives. Please see the leaflet Screening tests for you and your baby for further information.

The Fetal and Maternal Assessment Unit (FMAU) is an outpatient antenatal unit, offering planned appointments for additional maternal and fetal assessment and screening in pregnancy. FMAU is open Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm.

The Maternity Triage is open 24/7 to provide emergency care and advice to women, midwives and GPs in all areas of antenatal, labour and postnatal care. If you have any urgent health concerns or think you are in labour, please contact us at any time on 01392 406616 for advice.

Some women might need to come to the antenatal care ward before the birth of their baby. This can be due to problems arising with your pregnancy or for induction of labour. There is an open visiting policy on this ward.

Where to find us

RD&E Wonford, Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW

Centre for Women's Health

  • Maternity Triage, Level 2
  • FMAU Clinic 1, Level 1
  • Antenatal/Postnatal Ward, Level 2

Contact us

Maternity Triage: 01392 406616

Fetal and Maternal Assessment Unit (FMAU): 01392 406540

Antenatal/Postnatal Ward: 01392 406684

Supporting you

Women’s Health Counsellors are part of the team providing care in The Centre for Women’s Health.  We offer emotional support for women accessing the services of Maternity.

Pregnancy referrals for counselling support include:-

Ante-natal decision-making when considering whether to:

  • continue a pregnancy
  • decide between choice of treatments or method of delivery

All pregnancy loss: stillbirth, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy and termination. Patients need to contact the service:

  • within 4 months of the loss or
  • if required during a subsequent pregnancy

Contact 01392 406678 or


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