General Gynaecology


General Gynaecology clinics are held in Clinic 1 in the Centre for Women’s Health. This area consists of Gynaecology outpatients and pre-assessment.

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Gynaecology outpatients

You will be referred to gynaecology outpatients by your GP. Your GP may have arranged a blood test or ultrasound scan before referring you to hospital.

You will either be seen by a consultant, or by one of our team  who will then talk to the consultant if any decisions need to be made about further tests or treatment.

You might need further blood tests or examinations.

If you need further treatment, this will be arranged and a plan of care put in place.

Gynaecology outpatients clinics also provide a number of follow-up and nurse-led clinics. These clinics are led by an advanced clinical practitioner, supported by a clinical nurse specialist, plus nurses and healthcare assistants.


Patients are seen in pre-assessment before being admitted for gynaecology surgery. You will be seen by a nurse and a healthcare assistant. They will go through some documentation, which will include asking a number of questions about your health and lifestyle and home circumstances.

You will also have you blood pressure and pulse taken and the nurse will listen to your heart and lungs. Blood tests and swabs are also taken. This is to make you are prepared for surgery and that we have all of the information required.

Our nursing staff will also explain what to expect when to come in for surgery and be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  


Once you have been seen by a doctor or nurse specialist, treatment options will be discussed with you and your care planned.

Our team

We have 15 gynaecology consultants who each specialise in a specific area of gynaecology:

  • Mr Jim Clark, Obs and Gynae consultant Lead for medical school. Specialist laparoscopic surgeon
  • Mr Ben Peyton-Jones,. Obs and Gynae consultant Head of School for Obs and Gynae Peninsula. Lead for endometriosis centre.
  • Mr Edward Maclaren, Obs and Gynae consultant Joint lead for termination service
  • Mr Adam Forrest, Clinical Lead, Obs and Gynae consultant Joint lead for termination service
  • Mr Myles Taylor, Obs and Gynae consultant lead for fetal Medicine and urogynaecology
  • Mr Neil Liversedge, Obs and Gynae consultant
  • Dr Jenny Blackman, Obs and Gynae consultant maternal medicine specialist
  • Dr Tracey Kay, Obs and Gynae consultant Labour Ward lead
  • Dr Iryna Roshko, Obs and Gynae consultant Lead for fertility service.
  • Dr Louisa Manning, Obs and Gynae consultant fertility specialist
  • Miss Annabel Kemp, Obs and Gynae consultant fertility specialist
  • Mr Simon Tarsha, Obs and Gynae consultant
  • Miss Lisa Knight, Obs and Gynae consultant
  • Mr Mike Hannemann, Gynae oncologist, 
  • Miss Katherine Edey, Gynae oncologist
  • Mr John Reninson Gynae Oncologist

We have an advanced clinical practitioner, supported by clinical nurse specialists, nurses and healthcare assistants.

Where to find us

RD&E Wonford, Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW

Wynard Ward, Centre for Women's Health, RD&E Wonford Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 5DW.

Contact us

Call us on 01392 406590.

Supporting you

Women’s Health Counsellors are part of the team providing care in The Centre for Women’s Health.  We offer emotional support for women accessing the services of Gynaecology.

Gynaecology referrals for counselling support include:-

  • Decision making when considering gynaecology surgery, e.g. Hysterectomy
  • Post-operatively, within 4 months of surgery taking place.

Contact 01392 406678 or


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