Our research


We conduct a wide range of trauma and emergency care research. Our aim is to provide evidence to support improvements in the emergency care and treatment of patients.

More on what we do

In the academic department of emergency medicine we design, set up and run our own emergency medicine trials as well as host other national (NIHR) studies.

These are carefully designed to run well in our busy department and provide the highest quality of care for all patients who generously take part in research.


Our current research is looking at the better ways to treat nose bleeds, broken wrists and certain heart rhythm disorders. We are also looking at new ways of treating pain in children.

Other research includes helping to identify new and dangerous recreational drugs and looking for a cause of recurrent abdominal pains.

Our team

Our research is supported by a dedicated team of nurses, doctors and administrative staff within the academic department, led by Associate Professor Andy Appelboam.

Research is embedded into our emergency department, often delivered by the clinical team and an important part of the routine care that we provide whenever possible.

Contact us

Academic Department of Emergency Medicine, Emergency Department, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW.


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