Retinal screening


Diabetic eye (retinal) screening is a test to check for eye problems caused by diabetes, called diabetic retinopathy. This can lead to sight loss if it's not found early.  The screening test, which takes pictures of the back of your eyes to check for any changes, aims to detect any problems before they affect your sight.

If you have diabetes and you're aged 12 or over, you'll get a letter asking you to have your eyes checked at least once a year.

The Devon Diabetic Eye Screening Programme is run by Health Intelligence, who are responsible for inviting people to a screening, following a referral from your GP.

The programme will carry out all aspects of screening, including grading and referring to the hospital eye services as required.

Find out more about the Devon Diabetic Eye Screening Programme by visiting the website (click here). 

Contact us

If you wish to change the date, time or venue of your appointment or if you have any questions please contact our friendly Bookings Team on:

If you have attended your screening appointment and have queries about your result letter, our Failsafe Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have:


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