Teledermatology Advice and Guidance service


The Dermatology department provides a teledermatology Advice and Guidance service for GPs.

This service allows your GP to get rapid specialist advice from a dermatologist to help support your care. For example, your GP may want to get specialist advice to help diagnose or treat your skin problem, or discuss the best place for you to be referred for further investigations or treatment. Your GP can attach photos of your skin, as well as clinical information about your medical history.

The teledermatology service is provided through the secure NHS e-Referral service.

More on what we do

The teledermatology Advice and Guidance service means that your GP can receive specialist advice from our dermatology team without you necessarily having to wait for an outpatient appointment. If the dermatologist feels that you do need to come to clinic, we will use the information and photos from your GP to make sure you go to the right clinic in the right place for your care. The dermatologist may recommend some treatment for your GP to prescribe while you wait for your outpatient appointment.

In many circumstances it is preferable to have your skin photos taken in the GP practice, and your GP team will advise you when this is recommended. Your GP surgery may ask you to take your own photos of your skin condition, and can advise you how to send your photos securely through to the GP practice.


The teledermatology Advice and Guidance service can be used for adults and children with all skin conditions. The service is not used for patients requiring an urgent skin cancer referral.

Our team

The teledermatology Advice and Guidance service is provided by six consultant dermatologists, who will aim to respond to your GP within two working days.

Contact us

If you want to get in touch with the department, please contact us on 01392 405510.

Information for healthcare professionals

The British Association of Dermatologists provides a range of teledermatology resources:

The NHS Advice and Guidance toolkit supports clinical teams to provide Advice and Guidance services:


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