Skin allergy


The department offers patch testing for patients with suspected allergy to substances coming into contact with their skin (contact allergic dermatitis).

The department links with the paediatric allergy service and provides a joint paediatric / dermatology clinic for children with complex allergies (atopic eczema, asthma, rhinitis, urticaria), including skin prick testing, dietitian advice and adrenaline auto-injector training.

More on what we do

Patch testing involves placing suspected allergens (substances that people are frequently allergic to) in special discs onto an area of your back with sticky tape. The substances are removed after two days. After a further two days, a dermatologist will examine the area of skin to look for allergic reactions.

Further information about this is found here.


The allergy service offers a variety of treatments, including topical steroids, topical immunomodulatory therapy (tacrolimus), antihistamines, montelukast, phototherapy, systemic tablet therapy (methotrexate, ciclosporin) and subcutaneous injection therapy (Omalizumab, Dupilimab).

Our team

Clinical Lead

  • Dr Chris Bower

Dermatology Consultants

  • Dr Yusur Al-Nuami
  • Dr Rebecca Batchelor
  • Dr Chris Bower
  • Dr Carolyn Charman
  • Dr Naomi Goldstraw
  • Dr Tom Lucke
  • Dr Emily McGrath
  • Dr Yong Oon
  • Dr Rachel Wachsmuth
  • Dr Penelope Williams

Associate Specialists

  • Dr Peter Acheson
  • Dr Helen Frow
  • Dr William Willcock

Specialty Doctors

  • Dr Charlotte Carmichael
  • Dr Josephine Wheeler
  • Dr Helen Creighton
  • Dr James Wood
  • Dr Andrew Rosewarne

Specialist Trainees

  • Dr Alistair Brown
  • Dr Alice Walker

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Team

  • Claire Facey – Lead CNS
  • Jo Short
  • Kate Allington
  • Sarah Sandford
  • Kevin Mitchell

Nursing Staff and Health Care Assistants (HCA)

  • Clare Parkinson - Senior Surgical Nurse Practitioner
  • Marian Thorn - Matron
  • Hayley Thorn - Sister
  • Chaya Sriranganatha - Sister
  • Claire McKenna - Surgical Nurse Practitioner
  • Hooi Inn Neoh-Solman - Surgical Nurse Practitioner
  • Victoria Roderick - Surgical Nurse Practitioner
  • Laura Warne - Sister
  • Romina Abuzatoaiei - Staff Nurse
  • Wasuru Dyke - Staff Nurse
  • Patricia Garcia Arroyo - Staff Nurse
  • Kim Hill - Staff Nurse
  • Gillian Lacey - Staff Nurse
  • Reynaldo Almazora - Senior HCA
  • Myrna Base - Senior HCA
  • Jayden Butler - Senior HCA
  • Mandy Spinks - Senior HCA
  • Jo Thompson - Senior HCA
  • Amy Hunt - Senior HCA
  • Michelle Murdoch - Senior HCA
  • Bev Alford - HCA
  • Wendy Davies - HCA
  • Emily Hatch - HCA
  • Fiona Lewis - HCA
  • Gillian Tancock - HCA

Management and Admin team

Where to find us

RD&E Heavitree, Gladstone Rd, Exeter EX1 2ED

Department of Dermatology

Contact us

If you want to get in touch with the department, please contact us on 01392 405510.

Supporting you

Skin conditions can have a huge impact on your social and psychological wellbeing. It is important to tell your GP or dermatology doctor about this during your consultation if it is relevant for you so that we can signpost you for further help in this regard.

Locally, we work with Talkworks:

There are also links to support groups and resources for many skin conditions at the following website:

Eczema outreach support:

Information for healthcare professionals

Skin treatment and referral guidance for healthcare providers can be found here.

We also offer a teledermatology service for advice and guidance for GPs (48 hour turnaround).

For urgent enquiries or referrals, we run an on call service via the hospital switchboard: 01392 411611 

General enquiries to the department: 01392 405510


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