Urological cancer


Urological cancers affect the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs. It includes bladder cancer and kidney cancer (or renal cancer), which is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK. In men, urological cancers also include prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer in men in the UK, testicular cancer and penile cancer. More information about these cancers is available in the Urology section of the website.

A cancer diagnosis has a great impact on patients and carers, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. We aim to provide the highest possible standard of care for all our patients at every stage in their pathway.

More on what we do

The urology cancer team provide a diagnostic and treatment service for patients with suspected or confirmed urology cancer after referral from the GP or another healthcare professional.


The most common type of treatment for urological cancers is surgery. During the procedure part or all of the affected organ is removed. Radiotherapy is also a common treatment. Chemotherapy can also be given. Your treatment programme will depend on the type of cancer you have, as well as the size of the cancer and whether it has spread to other parts of the body.

Most cases of penile cancer can be treated with chemotherapy cream or laser treatment. For later-stage cases, surgery might be required.  Reconstructive surgery can be done to correct any physical changes.

Our team

Consultant Urologists:

  • Mr John McGrath
  • Mr Malcolm Crundwell
  • Mr Mark Stott
  • Miss Liz Waine
  • Miss Melanie Walton
  • Miss Ange Cottrell
  • Mr Brian Parsons
  • Mr Miles Goldstraw
  • Mr Tom Dutton

Consultant Oncologists:

  • Dr Denise Sheehan
  • Dr Rajaguru Srinivasan
  • Dr Vicky Ford
  • Dr Peter Stephens

Clinical Nurse Specialists:

  • Jane Billing
  • Karen Green
  • Moira Anderson
  • Katie Quaintance
  • Claire Turner

Where to find us

RD&E Wonford, Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW

Helpful websites

Supporting you

FORCE Cancer Charity works locally to support anyone affected by cancer and will work closely with the people involved in your treatment. Find out more about the support FORCE can offer at forcecancercharity.co.uk.

Health and wellbeing clinics are also offered to patients with a diagnosis of cancer to support patients through their pathway. Your nursing team will be able to provide you with more information on the structure and content of these sessions.


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