Non-Site Specific Cancer


The Non-Site Specific (NSS) Cancer pathway – Symptoms of Concern service was developed for patients whose symptoms indicate they do not fit a currently established cancer pathway. This pathway aims to stop the delays in diagnosis, higher rates of late stage or emergency admission and poorer outcomes for the patient that presents with vague symptoms.

Patients who are referred to the NSS service may have reported symptoms that may be concerning to their GP. These symptoms can be unexplained weight loss, tiredness and a loss of appetite.

Whilst this does not mean that you have cancer, the symptoms and history you have reported to your GP are suspicious enough to warrant “fast tracking”.

More on what we do

Fast tracking will involve an initial telephone call from the team Advanced Nurse Practitioner. You may then be booked a CT scan at Wonford Hospital or the Nightingale Hospital.  Further information on CT Scans can be found at

Prior to this referral your GP will undertake a physical examination of your chest, abdomen, skin, lymph nodes and breasts if appropriate. You will also have blood tests, urine dip, stool sampling and a chest x-ray if appropriate.

Please be aware the testing process may take some time, so be prepared to be at the hospital all day. Once we have all your results back a careful review of your case will take place within our team and you will be contacted or offered an appointment to discuss the results.

Depending on the results, you will either be referred back to your GP with recommendations or your care will be passed on to another clinical team within the hospital.

We will provide you with all the results of these assessments and tests so you can discuss them with your GP and family. We will work closely with your GP to ensure your care is managed together with your other individual medical and support needs.

Our team

Advanced Nurse Practitioner – Louise Knight

We are also supported by a team of Radiologists, Oncologists and Consultants and specialist nurses that work within Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital.

Where to find us

RD&E Wonford, Barrack Rd, Exeter EX2 5DW

Contact us

You can contact the service by emailing

Information for healthcare professionals

To get in touch with the service, please contact Louise Knight, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, on 07584 506328 (for healthcare professionals only)


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