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About the RD&E - Road to Wellbeing

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Your Road to Wellbeing campaign

Time is precious, therefore any time patients spend with us needs to add value to them and help them lead the life they want to lead. Your Road to Wellbeing is a new staff-led RD&E campaign launched in 2017, aimed at empowering patients to improve their wellbeing and promote independence while in hospital.


The approach is based on significant evidence, including the principles of enhanced recovery, which demonstrate ways to improve patient outcomes. Simply put, by following some or all of the advice provided you can help yourself to get the most out of your time in hospital. This may help increase your sense of wellbeing and independence, or could even speed your recovery and return home, depending on your personal circumstances.


The campaign has five key themes:

The RD&E is running this campaign to help patients to counter some of the problems that can impact on their wellbeing and recovery. For instance, we know that a lack of movement can cause a loss of muscle strength, increased risk of infection and longer stays in hospital. Likewise, being undernourished and dehydrated won’t help.


The campaign will run throughout the year with different activities and events taking place across the Trust, led by a large team of enthusiastic therapists and nurses, to raise awareness with staff, patients and their families and friends. Staff will be posting events on twitter as and when they happen, so check out #road2wellbeing to see more.


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