Leo's story

Leo's story

Leo's story

Leo was just 6 weeks old when he was taken to hospital after he kept refusing his bottles and was being violently sick.

Leo’s mum, Laura, said: “He was taken straight to resus and was surrounded by doctors and nurses as his heart rate was above 250bmp. The team liaised throughout the night with the heart consultant at Bristol Children’s Hospital to enable them to try and get his heart rate under control. 

“Once stable, Leo was moved to High Dependency Unit on Bramble ward where he needed regular oxygen and medication to breathe. I can't thank the staff enough on Bramble ward - they gave us a bed for the night so we could stay with our son, and kept us updated the whole way through.

“The following day Leo took a turn for the worst and they couldn’t get his heart rate under control - he had the resus trolley in the room and had two absolutely amazing consultants and doctors trying to save his life. Bramble Ward continued to liaise with Bristol Children’s Hospital, and it was decided to blue-light Leo there, where he spent 4 days in intensive care.”

Leo was diagnosed with Wolff Parkinson White syndrome and SVT, which means that he now has daily medication to keep it under control and regular outpatient appointments.

 “Without the outstanding knowledge and care the staff at the RD&E gave our son, he wouldn't be here now. We can't thank them enough.”

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