Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth's story

Elizabeth was just four months old when she was taken to the RD&E Emergency Department after becoming unwell. Very quickly, a scan found a mass and Elizabeth was transferred to Bristol Children’s Hospital, where she was sadly diagnosed with a rhabdoid tumour.

After lots of tests, surgery to remove the tumour and starting chemotherapy, Elizabeth was transferred to the RD&E’s Bramble Ward. The family celebrated Elizabeth’s first birthday in January 2018, just as she started her last week of chemotherapy.

Kathryn, Elizabeth’s mum, said: “Elizabeth sadly relapsed 2 months after finishing chemotherapy and it progressed so rapidly. We came back to hospital on the Tuesday and were off to the hospice by the Friday, with only two weeks left to spend with Elizabeth. The nurses looked after us on our last night in Bramble and by then knew us so well - we will never forget their care.

“Although Elizabeth’s journey was traumatic, we have so many fond memories of our time on Bramble Ward and we know that we will never meet a nicer bunch of people.  They go above and beyond every single day and they will never know how grateful we are to them.”

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