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Every year, we receive generous donations from patients, their relatives and friends, and people throughout the communities we serve. This support makes a real difference to the lives of our patients, visitors and staff. Whether it is helping to pay for new state-of-the-art medical equipment, building a new play area for children or funding cutting edge research into new treatments – every gift counts. You can rest assured that your donation, however small or large, will make a positive difference to someone’s life.

Donating is easy and you can choose a method that best sits you. See below for different ways to donate. If you want to know more and get involved, then please call the fundraising team on 01392 402040 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

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Send us a cheque

Please make it payable to “RD&E Charity” and post it to The Fundraising Office, Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust General Charity, Room E121, Barrack Road, EX2 5DW.

Make a donation by direct debit

Make regular donations by setting up a standing order. Please contact us to advise or you can set up a regular donation here.

Wills and legacies

Help shape the future of your local healthcare.

You can leave a real footprint in the future by taking the time to make a Will which gives you peace of mind and ensures that the people you love, and the causes you care about most, are provided for.

After taking care of your loved ones, by leaving a legacy to RD&E Charity you will be helping to ensure that future generations locally benefit from the very best health care and latest equipment.

If you would like to talk to us about remembering the Trust’s hospitals and services in your will, please contact us.

Alternatively, you may wish to pass this information to your solicitor, if you would prefer them to contact us.

Please let the charity office know if you intend to leave a legacy by completing our Legacy Pledge Form and returning it to us.

A lasting tribute

Many families wish to create a lasting tribute to their loved one by making a gift or raising money to support a worthy project in their memory. A gift to our registered charity “RD&E Charity” (registered no. 1061384) will help to transform the care that family and friends receive long into the future.

To talk about how you can achieve the memorial that will mean the most to you and your family and friends, please contact the fundraising team on 01392 402040.

Alternatively you can set up an online donation page to remember your loved one at our Virgin Giving Money page.

You can help support healthcare for future generations in your community

A gift in your Will, no matter how big or small, can make a real difference to your community long into the future.

There are several different types of legacies and choosing how to make your gift is an important decision. Your solicitor can provide more details, but as a rough guide:

  • A Residuary legacy is a gift of the remainder or a percentage of the remainder your estate after all other legacies have been made and debts cleared. Since they are not for a specific sum of money, legacies of this type keep up with inflation.
  • A Pecuniary legacy is a gift of a fixed sum of money. Over time, the value of this kind of gift may decrease as inflation rises.
  • A Specific legacy is when you leave a specific item, such as jewellery, a work of art or home. It is always best to talk with us before leaving such a gift to make sure that we can use the gift as you would have wished.
  • A Contingent legacy is a gift that comes to the charity only if another event has happened, such as another beneficiary dying before you do.

The most common type of legacies are residuary or pecuniary and you may like to share this sample wording with your solicitor:

  • For a Residuary Bequest: I give a [share %] of the residue of my estate to the RD&E Charity (charity number 1061384) with a wish that it be used for the benefit of general charitable purpose at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust [OR with a wish that it be used for the benefit of a specific area, hospital or fund].
  • For a Pecuniary Bequests: I give the sum of £…….[in figures and words] from my estate to the RD&E Charity (charity number 1061384) with a wish that it be used for the benefit of any general charitable purpose at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust [OR with a wish that it be used for the benefit of an area, hospital or fund].

Once you have made the decision to leave a gift in your Will to the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, you may like to think about what you would like that gift to do. There have been occasions in the past when we have not been able to accept bequests as the wording has been too restrictive. It is also, of course, impossible to predict every medical advance or new development. We therefore ask that you consider leaving a gift to our General Purposes Fund as this will ensure that our charity trustee’s can direct funds where we need them most.

If you wish to support a more specialised area, or discuss how your gift might be commemorated in the hospitals, a member of our Fundraising staff would be happy to talk with you on 01392 402040.

Your support really will make a difference and leave a footprint for the future.

Gifts in memory

Making a donation in someone’s memory will ensure that our hospitals and services are able to offer the very best care to patients and families for many years to come.

Some people choose not to have flowers at their funeral, preferring instead for donations to be made to the RD&E Charity in their memory for example. If you are organising a funeral, you can also decide to give this way and ask family and friends to do the same. Donations can be sent via the funeral director or directly to our charity office at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.

You can make a donation by contacting our office on 01392 402040 or by post to:

The Fundraising Office
Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust General Charity
Room E121
Barrack Road

Please remember to tell us the name of the person you are giving in memory of and your own name and address so we can send you a thank you letter.

Special occasion gifts

Many people choose to ask their guests to make donations to charity instead of buying gifts when they have a special occasion to celebrate, be it a birthday, christening, wedding or anniversary or a special family or work get together.

We can give you collection tins or buckets to gather donations. Alternatively, you can set up a fundraising page online at our Virgin Giving Money page to allow your guests to make donations on your behalf.

Raffles and lotteries

Lotteries (the legal term used to describe a raffle) are a great way to raise funds.

The laws surrounding lotteries however are strict and can be confusing therefore it is important that you follow the guidelines below so as not to breach the rules and regulations.

Small raffle (Incidental lottery)

This is the simplest raffle to organise and does not need to be registered - commonly used at small events, fetes and dances.

  • Tickets are sold during the event, not before
  • Tickets should not cost more than £1
  • The draw must be held on the premises and at the time of the event
  • No alcoholic prizes will be offered unless the premises where the raffle is being held has a liquor licence
  • A maximum of £250 can be spent on prizes, but donated prizes can be accepted
  • No money prizes can be offered, although gift vouchers are okay

If you are sure that your intended raffle can without doubt be classed as an incidental lottery following the rules above, then you can buy cloakroom tickets and go ahead within the rules.

If you wish to run a public/society lottery that does not fall under the guidelines of a incidental lottery, it is requested that you consult us at the charity.

Please contact us at:

The Fundraising Office
Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust General Charity
Room E121
Barrack Road

Tel: 01392 402040



Sponsored events are a fantastic way to achieve something new and/or challenging personally, or as a team, and raise money for the RD&E Charity to benefit others.

A sponsored marathon, bike rides, abseils, skydives and swims are popular ways to raise money and there are many other great activities that work well. If the thought of collecting sponsorship feels daunting then listed below are some tips to help your fundraising become easier and more effective.

Thank you and good luck!

Please download and complete our Sponsorship Form.

Top tips

  • Start your sponsor form off with your best sponsor – if you can start your sponsorship form off with a £10 pledge this may set a trend.
  • Collect the pledge straight away – most people will sponsor you as a total donation and not per mile/unit.
  • Make cheques payable to: RD&E Charity
  • Make a list of your family and friends, sports clubs, schools, work colleagues etc. Decide the best way to contact them.
  • Friends and family are always the first place to start and are the best source of encouragement.
  • Ask your employers for support – many companies will give match funding £ for £.
  • Look to your work colleagues for donations.
  • You don’t have to do this on your own – develop a team of supporters and ask them to get pledges on your behalf.
  • Don't forget Gift Aid! Remind your sponsors to sign the column for Gift Aid on your Sponsorship Form, this will raise your donations by an extra 25p per £1 donation!
  • Create a sponsorship page on our Virgin Giving Money account – this is a quick and easy way of gaining donations with less hassle for yourself as the donation goes straight to Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust General Charity.
  • Flag up your fundraising efforts in your e-mail signature so that you can keep reminding everyone about your fundraising – link it to your donation page on the Virgin Money Giving

Registered charity number 1061384

Publicising your event

Fundraisers can produce their own promotional material in support of their fundraising event.

Such material should always state that RD&E Charity is a registered charity number 1061384 and include the charity logo (available on request). You should state clearly the purpose for which the funds are to be raised. It is requested that all promotional material be cleared with our fundraising office before they are used.

Hints and tips

  • Whenever you plan an event it is always worth telling your local paper/free papers and local radio stations. A mention in the local press can be invaluable in raising your profile. Getting free advertising for your event and engaging local businesses. Building a good relationship with your local media can really pay dividends – so make sure you get a mention.
  • Think about where you can publicise your event in your local area i.e. where you can place posters, display leaflets etc and remember websites.
  • We may be able to advertise your event on our charity website and across the hospitals in our Trust newsletters.
  • You can set up a sponsorship page via our Virgin Giving Money
  • If you are organising a big event by yourself perhaps you could find people in your area who can lend a hand, it can be their time, money, prizes, a venue or quite simply, advice.
  • Wherever you choose to publicise your event, always speak to people working there and let them know what you are doing so they can pass the word on.
  • Be clear and concise in your publication.
  • Use spell check – and get someone else to read your work.
  • Send any artwork / press releases to RD&E Charity for approval first to email:

Thank you.


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