Meet our skydivers - October 2021

Meet our skydivers - October 2021

Impact for Change

“This is our main annual charity fundraising event for 2021! We have a team of awesome brave people who are willing (ish) to jump out of a plane to raise money for our chosen charity RD&E. The NHS still continues to amaze and inspire and every little helps.”

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Stephanie Travers-Griffin

“I am fundraising for the RD&E Charity, as COVID has been a difficult time for patients and staff alike. I would like to do a little something to help the NHS fight back from this challenging period. So I am going to chuck myself out of an aeroplane, so feel free to chuck a few coins my way! Thanks.”

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Jodie Pile

“I am undertaking this sky dive to raise funds for the RD&E where I have worked for the last 7 years and whose staff played a crucial part allowing me to care for my mother during her last year of life.  

"I have wanted to do something in her memory and also raise funds for the hospital, along with pushing me to my limits. 

"I hope that you could spare some lose change to enable me to reach my target.”

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