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Patients & Visitors - Yealm Ward

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Yealm Ward
(Stroke Rehabilitation Unit)

Ward Location:

R D & E Wonford Hospital, Level 2, E Link corridor

Explanation / description:

We are the stroke rehabilitation unit. We are staffed by a multi-disciplinary team consisting of nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, rehabilitation support workers, dieticians, pharmacists, ward clerk, housekeeping and domestic services.

We provide 24 hour care aimed at ensuring a safe, dignified experience in an environment that delivers high quality, skilled care. We respond to the patients and their carers’ needs in an inclusive, compassionate manner without any unnecessary delay.


Patients are transferred here from the acute stroke unit for further rehabilitation. They undergo intensive rehabilitation with an expectation to participate in goal setting, group work, various therapy sessions and many assessments. We have a day room/dining room and a gym that are used for patient therapy.   
The ward is led by nurses and therapists. The consultant nurse for stroke alongside the ward doctor oversee patients’ medical needs on a daily basis with advice from the medical consultant who visits weekly.  
Every stroke is different and people are affected in different ways. The multi-disciplinary team will aim to support your health and well-being in promoting independence and adapting/finding ways to overcome the difficulties faced following a stroke. For some the symptoms are quite mild and will only require a short period of rehabilitation, for others the damage caused can be more severe and may require a longer time on the rehabilitation unit.

Everyone is encouraged on a daily basis to: 

  • Dress in their own day clothes, rather than nightwear
  • Eat their main meal in the day room
  • Attend individual and group therapy
  • Partake in their own individualised rehabilitation programme


The day room will be available for patients and their family/carers/visitors to enjoy social interaction.

Ward phone number(s):

01392 404535

Ward specialty(ies):

Healthcare for older people, stroke rehabilitation

Visiting times:

Please see the Visitor Information page

No. visitors at any time:

2 per bed space

Other visitor information:

Family and carers involvement – your family and carers are invited to be part of your care and treatment should you wish them to be involved

Ward postal address:

Yealm Ward, RDE Wonford, Barrack Road, Exeter, EX2 5DW

Total number of beds:

16 beds, male and female in single sex bays

No. of side rooms:

4 Side rooms with en-suite shower rooms

No. of bathrooms:


No. of showers:


Communal room:

Day room with television, radio and dining tables – used for group activities and therapy led meal times.

Ward type:

Stroke rehabilitation



Senior Nurse:

Lucy Hill

Senior Matron:

Ginette Clarkson


Michele Richards

Consultant Nurse (for Stroke):

Tim Ayers
Senior Occupational Therapist: Alex Bennett
Senior Physiotherapist: Di Clist
Ward Sisters: Vicky Bays, Ceri Costner
Clinical Director: Dr Mark Daly

Ward Clerk:

Mary Groome




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