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Arriving on NNU

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In order to make sure that you and your baby are safe and secure and getting the best possible care at all times we ask that you read, understand and follow the guidelines we have introduced: 


When you arrive on NNU

Attending if you are unwell


When you arrive on NNU

For the safety of all babies the neonatal unit is a secure, monitored area.


There is a 24 hour/ 7 day a week manned reception area on the first floor of the maternity unit. The security team will check you are with any visitor before issuing an ID badges and allowing access to the NNU.


Please remove your outdoor coat
Please remove your outdoor coat. There are coat hooks just inside the entrance of the neonatal unit where you can hang it.


Please Wash your hands
There is a wash hand basin at the entrance to the neonatal unit. Please use this to wash your hands before entering.


The best way to protect your baby from infection is to wash your hands!


Alcohol hand gel is located in all of the nurseries. All parents, visitors and staff are asked to apply 2 squirts of gel to their hands on entering and leaving the nurseries.

Each time you enter the nursery please remove your rings (except wedding band), bracelets and watch. Germs thrive in the microscopic scratches on jewellery and in the warm, dark areas under rings and watches. You will then need to roll up long sleeves and wash as far as your elbow.

Strict hand washing is vital for all staff, parents and visitors even if you are not going to touch anything or are just popping into the nursery for a moment. There are pictures above all sinks in the nurseries to guide you on the best way to wash your hands.

After washing you need to use the alcohol hand gel which is beside your baby's cot or incubator. Apply a large ‘squirt’ to your hands and rub them together until all the alcohol has dried. Use this gel every time you intend to put your hands in the incubator or you are about to handle your baby in his/her cot.


The unit is unable to accept responsibility for lost or stolen personal effects so, please never leave any valuables unattended.  There are lockable cupboards beside each baby’s cot – please ask the nurses for help with this.


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Visiting times

Generally our visiting is 2.30 -8.30pm however we realise that everyone’s circumstances are different and so please talk to us so we can ensure your families own needs are considered.


Brothers and sisters are an important part of your family and are welcome at any time.


We would ask that you do not bring non-related children (unless they live in your family home) into the NNU as this reduces the risk of infection. Children are known to carry lots of bugs so this helps us reduce the risk to your baby.


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If you are unwell

It is important for parents and family to be with their babies but infection poses a great risk to a premature or sick baby.

If you feel unwell please speak with the nurse looking after your baby –she will help you.


All other visitors should stay away from the NNU is they are unwell.

Infectious diseases - for example chickenpox, measles, mumps...
With these types of disease, a person can have the infection and infect others before they show any symptoms themselves. Therefore if parents (or other visitors) have come in contact with anyone who has an infectious disease, it is very important that you talk to your baby's doctor about the risks this poses to yourself and your baby.

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Updated: 23 January 2018