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Patients & Visitors - Acute Medical Unit


Acute Medical Unit & Medical Triage Unit

Ward location:

RD&E Wonford Hospital, Level 1 Area C


The Acute Medical Unit (AMU) is a dedicated facility within the hospital that acts as the focus for acute medical care for patients that have presented as medical emergencies or with a variety of acute medical conditions which may require assessment and management in the hospital setting.


The Medical Triage Unit (MTU) was newly refurbished in 2018 and includes a seating area for 20, and 6 beds for people who are not well enough to be seated or may require monitoring as part of their assessment.


On arrival you will be asked questions about your personal details to confirm they are correct and also about your acute problem such that we can ensure investigations are undertaken promptly – this may include blood tests, tracings of your heart (ECGs) or x-rays.  Following this initial assessment you will be seen by our medical team who will help make a decision about whether we can safely get you home or if you need to be admitted to hospital for more tests, treatment or assessment by another team. This may well be onto our AMU.


The AMU consists of two wards - AMU East and AMU West - which have a total of 44 beds, including 8 siderooms. AMU West is predominantly for men, whilst East is for women, although this can change depending on our clinical needs.


If admitted to the ward you will continue to have care provided by the Acute Medicine team. AMU is a short stay ward and as such you may well move to another ward if it is felt your acute illness is likely to keep you in hospital for longer. At this point we will try to move you to the most appropriate ward to look after your health problems.


Recognising that older patients can sometimes have complex medical and social problems, there are 14 beds on AMU are allocated to the Acute Care of the Elderly (ACE) team, allowing for more rapid, comprehensive assessment of such patients.

Ward phone numbers:

AMU West: 01392 402831


AMU East: 01392 402762

Ward specialty:

01392 402785

Ward specialty:

Acute Medicine

Visiting times:

8am-8pm (08.00-20.00)

No. visitors at any time:

2 per bed


As the unit can be very busy with lots of sick patients we would strongly discourage parents from bringing children under the age of 12 to visit patients on the AMU, although this can be discussed with the nursing team looking after the patient.

Other visitor information:

Relatives are advised to nominate a single family member to make regular phone contact with AMU – trying to give information to many different people can be complicated and lead to misunderstandings.


We will assume the person to make contact with is the patient’s nominated next of kin unless advised otherwise.


Between 8am and 12pm, nursing staff are often busy with patients, whilst the doctors are still reviewing patients. It is best to avoid calling during this time if possible as you are more likely to have up to date information from someone looking after your relative after this time.


NB: Diagnosis and patient results cannot be discussed over the telephone by nursing staff and in the interests of patient confidentiality we ask that you respect this.


Patient medications can be safely stored on the ward, which may be particularly helpful if they are taking a more unusual medication.  We would discourage you from bringing lots of personal belongings, and particularly valuable items which might get lost or damaged.


Our goal is always to get you or your relative home as soon as possible. As such, we would encourage you to have a set of clothes for going home in and start to think about how you will be getting home as soon as we think it is likely you will be going home.

Total number of beds:


No. of side rooms:


No. of showers:


Ward type:





Amanda Brooks

Sarah Dale

Carlie Hopper

Lizzie Kurniak

Senior Matron:

Sharon Preston


Dr Bill Lusty (Joint Clinical Lead)
Dr Lynsey Webb (Joint Clinical Lead)


Dr Madhi Abusalameh
Dr Rebecca Butchart
Dr Mark Daly
Dr Tom Fox
Dr Helen Lockett
Dr Russell O’Brien
Dr Simon Patten
Dr Rebecca Matthews
Dr Neil Walker

Dr Dan Wilding

Clinical Director:

Dr Helen Lockett

Cluster Service Manager:

Leanne Ashmead


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