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Patients & Visitors - Acute Medical Unit


Acute Medical Unit

Ward Location:

RD&E Wonford Hospital, Level 1 Area C

Explanation / description:

Acute Medical Unit
Welcome to the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) of the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, an acute medical admission unit providing assessment and management of patients admitted to hospital with a variety of acute medical conditions.


The unit consists of:
Medical Triage Unit (West) - 7 trolleys
Medical Triage Unit (East) - 7 seated area

(Ambulatory area)
Discharge Area - 6 seated area
AMU (West & East) - 44 bedded area


AMU receives patients from the Medical Triage Unit (MTU), specialist clinics and the Emergency Department (ED). When MTU is closed, it will take direct referrals from GPs.


AMU is a 44 bedded area, it has two high care areas for patients that are acutely ill. Single sex care is provided, with AMU West being predominantly for male patients and AMU East predominantly for female patients.


AMU is a short stay area and patients would not generally stay on this unit for more than 48 hours. Patients requiring further time in hospital will be referred to a speciality and given a bed on the appropriate ward.


Medical Triage Unit (MTU)
MTU is an assessment area for patients arriving in hospital after being referred by their GP. This area is led by the Acute GP service which is a hospital based primary care service. This service is designed to facilitate choices for the patients and clinicians when a request for an urgent medical admission is made.


On arrival all patients are assessed by a nurse, initial investigations such as blood tests, x-rays and ECGs may be requested and an initial management plan decided. Patients will then be seen by the medical team. Patients can then be admitted to the Acute Medical Unit, transferred to a speciality ward or discharged home.


This area opens seven days a week from 10.00 to 22.00.
Contact numbers for MTU are:
01392 404614 and 01392 406390
(phones only answered within opening hours).

Ward phone number(s):

AMU West - 01392 402831

AMU East - 01392 402762 / 01392 402765

Ward specialty(ies):

Acute Medicine

Visiting times:

14.30 - 16.00

18.00 - 20.00

No. visitors at any time:

2 per bed
see visitor information for further details

Parents are advised to avoid bringing children under the age of 12 into the unit, although, this can be discussed with the nursing team caring for the patient.

Other visitor information:

Relatives are advised to nominate one member of the patient’s family to make regular telephone contact with AMU.


It is best to avoid calling during the period from 10.00 – 12.00, when consultant rounds and meetings are taking place.


NB: Diagnosis and patient results cannot be given over the telephone by nursing staff.
AMU is a short stay area for emergency admission and assessment only.
Relatives are advised to avoid bringing in large quantities of clothing and valuables onto AMU, however, patients’ medications can be safely stored on the unit by nursing staff.


Patient stay on AMU can be as little as four-six hours prior to discharge/transfer, or as long as two - five days if a patient is acutely unwell or requires transfer to a specialist medical ward.

Ward postal address:

AMU, RD&E Wonford Hospital, Barrack Road, Exeter, Devon, EX2 5DW

Total number of beds:


44 (of which 22 female and 22 male).

Exact numbers may change, depending on daily requirements

No. of side rooms:


No. of bathrooms:


No. of showers:


Ward type:





Amanda Brooks & Sharon Preston

Senior Matron:

Ginette Clarkson

Ward Sisters:

Dawn Chambers
Jess Clothier
Sarah Dale
Sarah Duriez
Kay Godwin
Phillip James
Amanda Leese
Lisa Lorkin

Nurse Practioners:

Jo Dalton

James Stevenson


Dr W Lusty (lead clinician)
Dr R O’Brien
Prof A Nichols
Dr H Locket
Dr H Bakere

Clinical Director:

Mark Daly


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