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Connecting Care

Connecting Care LogoThe Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust is an organisation with over 6,500 staff members working in over 200 individual, yet interconnected and interdependent clinical and non-clinical departments.


In January 2014 we introduced a new way of working for everyone in the Trust called Connecting Care. Connecting Care is a way of staff working together with a more joined up approach which will ensure that all of our staff have opportunities to find new and better ways of working, from making both small incremental changes, to much larger scale improvements which all really make a positive difference to our patients and the population we serve.


Connecting Care provides staff of all levels and professions with access to training in the use of continuous quality improvement methodologies and provides teams with a suite of tools and techniques.  The tools are specifically designed to improve communication, better understand team performance through the use of visual management and to build further capability across the Trust in undertaking service development and improvement activities.  There is a strong emphasis on shared learning, problem solving and teams coming together on a regular basis to ensure that everyone is working together to further improve the already high standards of clinical care we provide for our patients.


Updated 01 September 2016