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Enhanced Recovery


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Patients coming to us for a planned surgical operation can expect to be looked after on an Enhanced Recovery Pathway. In line with the most up to date evidence you will be cared for with the following principles to guide you.



You will be given an exact time for admission and planned discharge date including a full explanation of what facilities and assistance you will need to organise once you get home after your operation.
Full pre-operative assessment and explanation of procedures including your anaesthesia, surgery and pain relief. All risks will be explained in full at the specialised Preparation for Surgery Clinic. You will be given information leaflets describing your specific operation and recovery plan at this stage.
You will be given two cartons of sugary drink to have the night before and the morning of surgery to reduce your thirst. This will help you to be in the best condition on the day of surgery.
You will receive the most up to date surgical and anaesthetic procedures using keyhole procedures where appropriate. In most cases local anaesthesia pain relief techniques will help to ensure your recovery is not slowed down by pain or nausea.
Day to day description of what to expect including when to eat, drink and exercise. You can expect to be eating, drinking and walking on the same day as your operation after many operations.
You are involved in your own recovery from the start and encouraged to stay out of bed and eat meals away from your bedside.
You are expected to contact your ward team if you feel that your recovery regime is not being followed.
Sometimes patients are unable to follow the planned recovery plan and this is not a problem. We will adapt your recovery to suit your personal needs.
We aim to get you home as soon as you are well. This is often much sooner than in the past due to advanced techniques. You will be encouraged to stay in touch with your hospital team after you have gone home. You may have questions to ask or just need reassurance. Someone who knows you will always be available to help at the end of the phone.



Consultant urologist Mr John McGrath (pictured) said: “Essential to the success of Enhanced Recovery is the involvement from the outset of patients in decisions about their care. We know that patients who feel informed, assured and involved are more likely to understand what is happening to them, what to expect and what role they can play to get back on their feet sooner.


“The success of this work would not have been achieved without the commitment of staff at the Royal Devon & Exeter and the support and confidence in us of our patients.”

Mr John McGrath