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A - Z Services - Stoma Care Department

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Service Name:

Stoma Care Department






Stoma forming surgery


General description of what the service does:

The Stoma Care Nursing Service aims to provide a high quality, comprehensive, patient-centred service, delivering safe, dignified and compassionate care. We work in partnership with our patients and their families, providing personalised care in the best setting for them. The team endeavor to seamlessly integrate care from the hospital through to the home environment and to provide support throughout the stoma care patient journey.


Our Location:

Level 1 Area K, Surgical Outpatients, Stoma Care


Contact phone numbers:

01392 402742


Email Address:


Service Hours:

The service is available Monday – Friday, 08:00-17:00.

Treatments & Procedures Offered:

Nurse-led Clinics:

The Stoma Clinics are available by appointment on:

In addition, monthly clinics are held at the following hospitals:


Skin Care and Stomas:

People with a stoma should not expect to experience sore skin. This can be caused by a number of reasons and before treating, the cause should be ascertained and wherever possible addressed. Please contact the Stoma Care Department for an appointment.