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A - Z Services - Patient Portering Services

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General Patient Portering duties

Image of porteringThe main function of the Patient Portering department is patient movement to & from all wards & departments within the RD&E (Wonford); this contributes to over 60% of their work load.


More demanding tasks in which the porters assist with are the Air Ambulance patient transfers into the Emergency Department and to provide an emergency response for Cardiac Arrests, Trauma Calls & Fire Alarms.


Porters also collect and deliver blood products, specimens, medical equipment plus many other duties.


The portering team complete an average of 160 tasks per day around 100 of these are patient movements; & during their working day a Porter can expect to walk up to 12 miles!


Patient Portering services provide cover 24 hours a day 365 days per year & use an electronic task booking system operated by Task Controllers & Supervisors to manage, prioritise and record the work load.


X-Ray Patient Portering duties

The x-ray patient porters operate separately from the general portering team on a Monday-Friday basis. They provide a portering service for all 7 modalities within the x-ray department to and from all wards within the RD&E (Wonford). The team average 170 patient movements per day to and from the x-ray department and approximately 40% of the patients are moved on beds or stretchers.