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A - Z Services - Plastics Rehabilitation

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The Plastic Surgery Rehabilitation service is comprised of a team of ten full or part-time therapists including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and a Technical Instructor who work alongside the Plastic Surgeons and specialist nursing staff in the treatment of patients with plastic surgery related conditions.

We are based within the rehabilitation department of the hospital in Area J on level 0.  As well as treating patients on Abbey Ward (the Plastic Surgery ward), we also see patients from the Consultants and Nursing clinics and run our own outpatient service including a ‘hand class’ where patients come for intensive hand treatment.


What is Plastic Surgery Rehab?

Plastic Surgery comes from the Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means to form or to mould.  Plastic Surgery means the moulding of the surface and sometimes deep structures of the human body (i.e. it is not necessarily restricted to remoulding skin).   There has been great advancement in recent years with the development of specialised surgical procedures such as micro-vascular repair.  These techniques have increased the potential for functional recovery and hand appearance following surgery for hand injury or hand conditions.  Approximately 90% of the patients we see in plastics rehabilitation require treatment for their hands due to disease or following injury or surgery to their hands.  We also see patients who have undergone reconstructive surgery on other body parts such as breast reconstruction following mastectomy, skin grafting to cover defects from injury or surgery and scar treatment.

Our aim is to be a centre of excellence for plastic surgery and hand rehabilitation and we have been instrumental in forming a regional Hand Therapy Interest Group in order to encourage research and development in this area and to promote good knowledge and skills within the service.



British Association of Hand Therapists   

College of Occupational Therapists   

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy    

Health Professions Council      

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence