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A - Z Services - Physiotherapy

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Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function if you have been injured or have an illness or disability. It can be a really useful tool in the treatment of everything from back pain to multiple sclerosis.


Physiotherapists work across the hospital, using a mixture of tailored exercise programmes, manual techniques, plus education and advice on how you can boost movement and improve your general health.


Our physiotherapists will make an assessment and then work out a treatment programme, based on the type of illness, injury or condition you have.


It's likely that they will help you with a series of exercises, designed to improve your mobility and strengthen specific parts of your body.


Manual therapy is also used, where a physiotherapists will use their hands to help relieve pain and increase movement.


Physiotherapists can also give general advice about things that affect your daily life, such as posture (how you stand or sit) and what correct lifting or carrying techniques you should be using.


We also offer physiotherapy for patients who need help to boost their heart and circulation or their lungs and breathing.


Physiotherapy videos

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