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Pathology - Microbiology

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The Microbiology Laboratory provides a full clinical microbiology service to the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and to GP and community service in NHS Devon. In addition, Virology services are provided to North Devon Healthcare Trust. Some Virology services are provided for South Devon healthcare Trust.


The laboratory has CPA accreditation and is approved for Biomedical Science training by the Institute of Biomedical Science.


Comprehensive Microbiology services provide include full clinical Bacteriology and Virology services mycology culture, Molecular Virology and Quantiferon assays.


The laboratory has 3 departments, Bacteriology, Virology and a Screening Laboratory. The latter processes MRSA screens, Chlamydia samples, urine microbiology and antibiotic assays

Routine laboratory opening hours are detailed below.

9 am - 5.30p m Monday to Friday

8 am - 4.30 pm Saturday

8 am - 12 pm Sunday

The laboratory is situated within the Old Pathology Building on the Wonford site.


Department of Microbiology
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust
Church lane


Bacteriology Results 01392 402962
Virology Enquiries & Results 01392 402953
Fax Number 01392 402949

Microbiology has 3 departments:

Each of these is staffed by individuals with specialist training in these areas of work.


Quality in Microbiology

Since our ultimate customer is the patient, we direct all our efforts into providing a clinically based, timely cost-effective diagnostic service with the highest in-built quality standards.


Technical work in the laboratory is undertaken by highly skilled and experienced Biomedical Scientists, specimens processed according to Standard Operating Procedures, with constant monitoring by internal audit processes.  External audit is by participation in National Quality Assurance schemes.


Regular review of audit results, methods and performance is undertaken together with consideration of new diagnostic techniques and ways of improving the service.


Microbiology is CPA (Clinical Pathology Accreditation) accredited for clinical virology and bacteriology and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) accredited for food and water analysis.  The laboratory provides assessors for CPA and UKAS.


Microbiology is recognised by the Royal College of Pathologists for SpR training in Microbiology and is an ApprovedTraining Laboratory by the Institute of Biomedical Science. We continue to recruit graduates of the highest calibre.  All Biomedical Scientists are State Registered, many with further qualifications including AIBMS, FIBMS and MSc. 


Medical Microbiologist input into the choice and applicability of diagnostic tests performed in the laboratory ensures clinicians receives useful results, with interpretation of results and guidance for treatment where indicated.


Consultant Medical Microbiologists authorise the majority of significant reports and all urgent significant findings, at any stage of processing, are communicated directly to the Clinician responsible, giving an opportunity for discussion regarding clinical management and infection control issues where necessary.


Staff contacts

Dr Cressida Auckland
Head of Department
Phone: 01392 402978


Julie King
Laboratory Manager
Phone: 01392 402974

Dr Marina Morgan
Consultant Microbiologist
Phone: 01392 402978


Lee Joslin
Deputy Laboratory Manager
Phone 01392 402975

Dr Alaric Colville
Consultant Microbiologist
Phone: 01392 402976



Dr Katy Marden

Consultant Microbiologist

Phone: 01392 402973