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A-Z Services - Exeter Oncology Centre

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Our Staff

The oncology centre has 16 oncologists in total, 14 Clinical oncologists and 2 medical oncologists.

Dr. Elizabeth Toy – Lung & Upper GI Clinical Oncologist (Lead Clinician)
Dr. Andrew Goodman – Breast, Head & Neck, skin, thyroid and dupuytren's
Dr. Anne Hong – Breast, testicular (TYA Lead)
Dr. Peter Bliss – CNS, Sarcoma, Gynae
Dr. Denise Sheehan – Urology, colorectal, lymphoma
Dr. Melanie Osborne – Colorectal
Dr Mark Napier – Medical Oncology
Dr Anna Lydon – Urology
Dr. Nicole Dorey – Lung & Upper GI
Dr Vicky Ford – Urology and lung
Dr Hwang – Head & Neck and Breast
Dr Jenny Forrest – Breast and Gynae
Dr. Kate Scatchard – Medical Oncology
Dr. Srinivasan – Urology and Lymphoma
Dr Anne McCormack – CNS, Breast, skin and Acute oncology
Dr. Christopher Hamilton – Head & Neck, Breast and Acute oncology

The Oncology Centre is managed by superintendent radiographer Geraldine Jenner.